Illustration Friday: Homage


Click for detail.

I hastily painted this portrait today in response to Illustration Friday’s topic of the week: Homage. I have been wanting to depict Nelson Mandela for some time and he is as deserving of homage as any of us for his self sacrifice and humanitarian deeds. Respect.

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  1. #1 • Kate said on March 28 2008:

    Wow, wonderful likeness. The portrait not only depicts power, but peace and joy. I love the warm colors in the background, too. You did a great job paying him homage.

  2. #2 • indigene said on March 28 2008:

    This is fabulous and he is well worth paying homage to! Fantastic Job!

  3. #3 • sycla said on March 29 2008:

    Respect, definitely. Your piece is a fitting homage.

    Well done!

  4. #4 • wahine said on April 30 2008:

    Beautiful work! Your talent shines through your homage.