I discovered Corel Painter two days ago which has a great assortment of brushes from oils to watercolors. The Painter program is complex, but it is designed specifically for tablet use and appears to have more potential than Photoshop for this application.

Anyway, here is my second portrait that is created with a Wacom tablet and an airbrush in Photoshop.


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  1. #1 • wolf said on April 28 2008:

    Yo Jeremy FANTASTIC, any paintings for sale…. what up dog? hows life? any wild women over there? with music lobo out…………..The bikini blond band

  2. #2 • Rosalie said on May 1 2008:

    I’m your Mom’s friend, really enjoyed viewing your paintings. Amazing work, but then i knew you were talented, Take care and keep up the good work. Rose