Hang Drum Redux: Hank Drum

This is an update to my earlier post about the amazing hang drum. Apparently the widespread interest in the innovative musical instrument coupled with the lack of availability has driven a resourceful instrument maker to fashion an alternate version of the hang drum from a common propane tank.

DIY instrument pioneer Dennis Havlena has published his plans for the “Hank Drum” (read Hang + Tank) that can be crafted from a propane tank and a few common power tools. Instructables.com has an illustrated tutorial on hank drum construction here.

Below is a short video of Dennis Havlena himself, demonstrating his creation. Dennis is no Manu Delago, but the hank drum has a warm and bright tone which can be heard in the video.

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  1. #1 • dave said on September 4 2008:

    this is a very kind and noble thing to do, shareing this with the world