Mustache Champions

beard-champions.jpg The World Beard and Mustache Championships will be held May 23, 2009 in Anchorage, Alaska. The 2007 competition saw “…upstart Beard Team USA [mounting] a serious challenge to the always dominant Germans, taking first in five categories.”

btusalogowotext.jpgI do not consider myself a zealous patriot, but I think I’m going to be rooting for Beard Team USA in 2009. Here is our official logo:

Among the perineal favorites is Franz Mitterhauser, of Austria, taking top honors for his formidable Imperial Mustache (bottom left). Hailing from Istanbul, Turkey, Memili Rüstüoglu is a strong contender in the Freestyle Mustache category with the world’s longest mustache. (second from bottom)

link: World Beard Chapionships


In other beardly news, beard enthusiast Jon Dyer is on a quest to grow each type of beard in the catalog of known beard types. Jon grows a beard each Fall and shaves it in Spring after the harsh Winter has passed.

He offers some advice to would-be beard growers. From his FAQ:

When I grow a beard, it looks like crap.

“You know your favorite shirt that you keep inexplicably finding in or near the trash? That makes you look like crap, too. But you wear it, don’t you? Do you know why? Because in some instances feeling good should supersede looking good… When are you going to stop worrying about how you look and start worrying about how you feel?”

balbo-beard 1.jpg
Jon Dyer and his Balbo beard.

Beards make you look old.

“I agree. People misjudge my age by 10 years when I grow one. What they also seem to do is assume that I know what I’m talking about or that I’m qualified to give them advice. In these situations, I find that pensively tugging on your beard and waiting for them to answer their own questions works best.”

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  1. #1 • some guy said on March 24 2010:

    I love your site!

    Stumbled across it while searching for what my former “epic” franz-josef + goatee would be called. is there such a thing?

    i miss it