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Draw Yourself as a Teenager

Dave Valeza created a sensation with the following illustration of himself as a teenager walking alongside his current self. Illustrators have submitted hundreds of personal sketches to his blog in response. The results are intriguing and show the collective experience of teenage misfits that grow into quirky, accomplished, and confident artists.

Below is Dave’s illustration.


Below is an example by Ward Jenkins of DRAWN!: The Illustration and Cartooning Blog.


Illustration by Ward Jenkins

via DRAWN!

Currency Conversion

Some crafty people are putting their money to good use during these trying economic times. I tend to think defacing legal tender with ink is a federal crime, but I will continue enjoying this man’s work until Treasury Officers haul him away in cuffs.


Are you down with A-B-E?

Fold Paper Money

JLern Design

I am very fond of the fluid interface for this design portfolio site. The concept is simple enough: click a section to zoom to the detail level. The rotation is very intuitive, the transitions are smooth, and the layout is clean. Notice the organic animation that takes place when you hover over a section.


link: JLern Design

This interface approach reminds me of the work of Jef Raskin, an early Mac pioneer and user interface researcher. The Raskin Center is working on new techniques to interface with data as demonstrated in the following concept interface.

Raskin zoom demo

Candy Trees

Prague is a city of parks, most famous for the stone facades of its storied past, but the real gem of this city is its centuries old commitment to conservation. The vast green spaces segmenting the city are omitted from travel books and destination guides, but make Prague one of the most livable cities in the world. A traveler can walk the length of the city almost entirely on dirt paths under the cover of trees.

Here are some wonderful pink blossoms in early spring on the north side of the Vltava River.


“He’s a Musical Genius”

This very small man is a giant of jazz piano. Michel Petrucciani. Enjoy.

Evil Building, Evil Horse

Visitors to Prague are familiar with the gothic Church of Our Lady Before Tyn – whose dark spires loom ominously above the Old Town Square in the city center. I consider the 14th century cathedral to be one of the most fearsome (if not evil) structures in the known world and I frequently experience physical manifestations of its evil power when in the vicinity.

I recently spotted this horse that has obviously succumb to the demons of the Tyn.


Polar Bear versus Dog

Not much needs to be said about this scene…though perhaps you should consider bookmarking this post in the event you are ever in urgent need of a unicorn chaser.





Into The Trash

The New York Times has a revealing graphic that depicts food wasted by a typical American family. I have been as guilty as anyone of this in the past, and I am pleased to see that the subject of food availability is getting more media attention due to skyrocketing food and fuel prices.



A related sign of the times comes from this newspaper editorial cartoon.


Goodbye Cruel World

I wish I could recall the source of this cartoon to give credit to this clever humorist, but it escapes me…


Anatomy as Industry

In the early part of the 20th Century, Fritz Kahn created stunning illustrative metaphors of the human body as industrial mechanisms. Here is a superb example of his work.


complete image