Speed Dial for Firefox

I recently tried the Opera web browser for the first time primarily because I read about the touted Dragonfly tool for web developers. Well in general I was underwhelmed. Despite the fact that Firefox has been unstable on my machine recently, I think it does a better job at rendering web pages than the Opera browser. No surprises there. What’s the point?

Opera does have a very cool feature called Speed Dial which displays a preview and quick link to your favorite nine sites anytime you open a new window or tab. I probably spend 30% of my time online on the same nine sites, so it becomes very useful to have them displayed prominently when I open new tab.

Luckily for us Firefox users, Josep del Rio has created a Speed Dial plugin for Firefox. It is essentially the same as Opera’s version, maybe a bit better because you can scroll through the preview to see the entire cached web page.


As for Dragonfly, Opera’s web development toolkit, I have found that Firebug for Firefox is a much richer solution for debugging javascript and CSS. Though that is really an entirely separate long and involved story.

link: Speed Dial for Firefox

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