Galveston Gold Mine

I am working on a design and integration project from a company that is involved in “natural resource procurement”. This firm is a start-up company and needs (among other things) staff to manage their operations and equipment. Oh, and they need big-ass trucks – lots and lots of million-dollar trucks.

One of the design challenges I faced was creating a careers page for the firm. They use this page to list available opportunities and allow engineers to apply for employment online. From a design standpoint, I could not use the standard photo of yuppies standing around cross-armed in starched white shirts looking smug. It just doesn’t fit the image of a team of sun-drenched Texans covered in oil and grease.

I looked at photos of guys working in oil fields, but most of them are not very artistic and convey some burden of back-breaking labor. Not exactly enticing imagery when our target prospect likely has a masters degree in geologic science.

I finally created the following graphic using Illustrator. The site is not yet launched (officially) so I cannot provide a link or specify the client. The image is of a man who works in the oil fields of South Texas near the bay at Galveston. I added the caption for the purpose of this post and is not included on the client site.


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