The Voice that Smiles

I designed this advertisement yesterday morning for my father, who is a radio announcer in North Carolina. The process was really enjoyable for me – in part because I had total control over the finished product, including the copy. I also established my time commitment to this effort early on, so I operated entirely under the idea that I would start and finish before lunch. The process of working on a design with a short time window leaves less room for endless minor modifications of subtitles which can consume hours.

Another time-saving approach was that I envisioned what elements I wanted to include and searched for exact matches to my vision on iStockPhoto, in contrast to the much more time consuming process of searching through an entire visual catalog related to “radio”. I originally intended to feature a smaller version of the hanging microphone so the entire mic would be visible. I made a mistake when cutting up the image in Pixelmator and ended up with this giant, very dramatic detail of the mic. I think is works better than my initial idea so I left it. This is the first time I have been involved in my father’s efforts to market himself, and he conveyed a great deal of enthusiasm about the result.



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