Ira Glass on Creative Work

This American Life is my favorite podcast, and these days one of the few pieces of radio or television media that I consume. The others are 60 Minutes, The McLaughlin Group, and Radio Lab. I generally save podcasts until I have a long train trip and then listen to several episodes consecutively. Typically because of the delay in weeks between the show’s production and my train ride, archived current events shows such as The McLaughlin Group are no longer relevant. This American Life remains current, if not timeless.

The following video is of the host of This American Life, Ira Glass, talking about producing creative work and the period where the output does not measure up to the creator’s standards of excellence. I have been at this point for several years now, and have recently decided to combat this syndrome with high volume.

via Lifehacker

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  1. #1 • Elisabeth Fies said on July 8 2008:

    Caught TAL’s “Act 3 Redemption” on my way to the Cemetary screening of BLUE VELVET Sunday night and it had me tearing up (Oddly not apropos to the movie, but certainly to the cemetary location.).

    The download is free now if you don’t want to wait.