Vienna Graffiti

The Donaukanal channels some of the waters of the Danube River south and through the center of Vienna. The banks of the wide canal offer a pleasant walk along a boardwalk several meters below the bustle of the city. Many residents walk their dogs or ride bicycles along this route. A few creative entrepreneurs have opened beached themed bars atop the boardwalk, complete with imported sand, Mexican beer, and sun chairs.

Though most of old Vienna is free from graffiti, the city apparently allows urban artists free reign on the walls flanking the canal.

Below are some examples.






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  1. #1 • sniper1wtc said on December 1 2008:

    the 3rd shot is from saner from the wasteds crew!
    check out my url for more stuff from our crew “the wasteds”

  2. #2 • Vienna Graffiti said on August 4 2011:

    Nice pics! A few months ago, I was at Donaubruecke too. Following the link, you can watch the pictures I made.