Bacon and Cheese Pizza Burger

I just threw up a little bit in my mouth right now…ask me why.

It turns out that the internet contains many treasures, and a few disasters: Goatse, two girls one cup, and the bacon cheese pizza burger.

I found the following horror while looking at some pixelicious Space Invader cookies. (I know I spend too much time online, but it is snowing outside and I’m allergic to things falling from the sky)

Here it is, two frozen pizzas and several pounds of undercooked hamburger. Maybe during next year’s Super Bowl party they’ll tuck a dozen chicken wings in there. And a pack of cigarettes.


To the best of my knowledge, this does not happen in Europe.

Yeah, I haven’t posted since December and this is all I got.


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  1. #1 • yuck said on December 4 2010:

    that is some disgusting fin man yuck ugh!

  2. #2 • yuck said on December 4 2010:

    i woyld never ever eat dat even 2 save my life errrr no1 would
    that is a humun and whoever would want dat is yuck and dere