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Minstrels in Sevilla

The minstrels gather for drinks and song after the statue of the Virgin is delivered to the cathedral.

Minstrels at the Feast of the Immaculate Conception from Jeremy Taylor on Vimeo.

na-na-na-na na na BATMAN!

Headline: Ca-RAZY Mofos defy death for kicks.

wingsuit base jumping from doubleA on Vimeo.

Dan Rather on Corporate Press

“The Heartland”

The Highest of Pot Psychology

This video advice column is strangely entertaining.

The Highest of Pot Psychology from Pot Psychology on Vimeo.

via John Dyer’s Blog → via The Essence of Chris

Western Spaghetti

Western Spaghetti is a new stop-action short by the filmmaker know online as PES. I ran across this film today during my morning session and found the use of materials enchanting. I won’t ruin it by talking more, so go watch it.


El Chorro Gorge

This video is taken from the dizzying heights of a decrepit walkway above the El Chorro Gorge in Spain. The footage truly scares the bejesus out of me. It is like that recurring nightmare I have where I have to make my way along an impossibly high and narrow ledge with only inches separating me from eternity. Only this is real. Watch how the filmmaker sure-footedly steps across gaping holes and balances on narrow beams high above the canyon floor. I think it was filmed by a goat.

via Environmental Graffiti

The Lincoln Debates: Newt Gingrich

I first saw this speech by Newt Gingrich on television in a Indiana motel room in the Spring of 2007. Despite the late hour, I was captivated. While I strongly disagree with his policies while in Congress, the man is powerfully intelligent and a remarkable orator. His discussion of the American political arena is insightful, and relevant to the current Presidential campaign. Check out the way he neatly folds each sheet from his notes and tucks them into his coat as he speaks. Former New York Governor Mario Cuomo speaks after Ginrich, but Cuomo is suffering from a cold and not at his best.

The follow-up, moderated by Tim Russert, is here.